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It really hits me hard, this epidemic called Depression.
I thought I already lost it, but it’s still haunting me.
Freedom is what I need.
Independence is what I seek.
I’m living for 28 yrs now.
And where am I.
I’m useless.
I’m worthless.
I’m nowhere to be found.
I’m nothing.
I just want to end everything.
I’m tired.
I just want to end it all.
I’m hopeless.
I just want to kill myself.
I’m scared.
This depression is kicking in too hard.
I just want to be alone.
I want to get away from here.
If only I can be invisible.
If only I could fly.
Let me get away.
Let me be me.
I’m so tired.
So freakin’ tired.
Depression is pulling me closer.
Closer to the dark.


Alone, really?

Having my nails done.
Outside I see a carousel.
People passing by.
Toddler, teens, adult..
Married, single, committed..
Friends, partner, family..
How come I’m alone…

The lady just cut something, it hurts.
The carousel just stopped.
Still, people passing by.
Toddler, teens, adult…
Married, single, committed..
Friends, partner, family..
How come I feel alone…

My nails’ almost done, all clean and looking good..
The carousel moves again, round and round…
Still, people passing by.
Toddler, teens, adult..
Married, single, committed..
Friends, partner, family..
Then someone came, looking at me..
There you are, my dear, let’s go home…

Like I Said, Would You?

Like I said, I’m doing good.
Like I said, everything’s alright.

Sometimes people tend to dig your words too deep that would let you either take their shovel and put it in their mouth or just let them do what they want as they open you up and try to take part of what’s inside of you.

Like I said, everything’s alright.
Like I said, I’m doing good.

It’s not bad to let them be a part of you. It’s not bad to be reserved too. With all these, it’s a matter of the word TRUST. The choice is yours to make. Would you let them in? Or would you just take it all in… on your own?

Like I said, I’m doing good.
Like I said, everything’s alright.

Hey, would you like to hear me out tonight?

Two-faced Her

Sometimes people won’t notice…
Sometimes people won’t realize…
How some people feel,
How some people think.
With the smiles she shows,
With the tears she hides.
You won’t notice,
You won’t realize…
She’s smiling outside,
Yet, hurting inside…

Write Starts.


So I was wondering if there are books that would help me improve my writing skills. Searched the whole bookstore and found this! It’s just a pretty thin book which says that it would ‘stimulate’ me write about anything.


If you’ll look at the back cover, it would really get you interested in buying it. (I dunno, maybe for me. Haha.)


So I was just scanning the back cover thinking that “Oh, maybe there’d be an explanation on how you’ll answer such tricky questions. Letting you understand how would you write a response in a creative and effective way.” And the price was like 499 Philippines Pesos, though it was kinda pricey, I still bought it thinking that it would be really interesting to read (but there was a surprise when I paid at the counter, so wait for it. Hah!).

Now, I opened the book and to my surprise, I found almost-blank pages with questions in every page!




And I was like, ‘What the! Heung heung heung…what! So…are you kidding!?’ Well, maybe I did’t read the back part seriously, because technically, it somehow explained the content of it. Yes, somehow. (Maybe I’m not smart enough to understand what was written!? Lol. Am I!?)

Seriously, the questions are the most absurd questions you’ll ever have. It’s funny, but, I think I’d enjoy answering it. Though it didn’t meet my expectations – you know having lenghty of explanations, essays and all, but I’m sure it’ll hone my imagination and writing skills. I guess. Well, I’m kinda sure that it will.

So there. So much for my funny encounter with this interesting book. Good thing though! I got it at a discounted price! From 499, I got it at 175!!! (Yattah!!!)

I’ll share my answers soon once I got it done. Can’t wait!