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Bewildered. Scary. Thought I’m Gonna Die. Stay Safe.

I just had a very weird/traumatic experience, almost causing my life. Not sure if I was just paranoid or what, but, seriously, I thought it would be my last moment on earth.

It was almost 1AM when I left the office to go home. Just like the usual night – riding a jeepney (coz it’s much cheaper than riding a bus or taxi), thinking if I’ll be eating once I reach home, check my phone and sleep. It was just like an ordinary night. So, I rode a jeep, sat beside the driver at the front, paid the fare. There were a lot of people at the back – just the usual passengers – nothing unusual or whatsoever. You see, just like my ordinary night.

Then there was this man wearing a pink polo, bald, like he’s on his late 30’s, has his black backpack and a black sling bag. He sat down beside me and I found nothing extraordinary in him. Just keeping a straight stare on the road but being alert at the same time. No matter how occupied I am (thinking about office stuff and all), I make sure that I’m attentive enough to observe my surroundings.

I’ve been noticing that he keeps on doing something with his shirt. I also noticed that he kept looking at me. I just gave him the benefit of he doubt but I’ve been trying to move away from him as much as possible. You see, the space is really limited. The jeep is not that big besides the driver uses the clutch that’s in the middle of the vehicle so I really can’t move that much away from him – I was sitting at the middle.

So, I’m almost reaching my stop, like just 5-10 mins more and I’ll be alighting the vehicle, when I felt the guy’s left arm really ‘feeling’ my right arm. I didn’t think it was weird at first because again, the space is really constricted. But after I move myself a bit away from him, he asked the driver to stop as he’ll be alighting. Then after that, I suddenly felt something weird. It’s like I’m having short breaths, can’t really feel my heart beating, my mind is slowly going berserk. I mean, I was trying to control it because I was thinking that I’m having palpitations which I’ve experienced before. But, it was different. I was really trying to assess myself if I’m really having palpitations or not. I didn’t even drink coffee so, it’s not palpitation. And besides, my hands were slowly shaking and I’m slowly feeling dizzy and thinking I might faint anytime. Seriously, it’s not palpitation. Afraid of losing my consciousness, I kept myself breathing hard, shakingly pulled out my phone (though it’s really hard to do coz someone might snatch it, I just don’t have any options) and called my father. I asked him to meet me at McDonalds where my stop will be and take me home. Thankfully I was reaching the place so still tried to contain myself. But seriously, I’m in the verge of passing out and my hands are literally shaking. When I alighted the jeep, I was like dumb-founded and couldn’t think of anything but to go inside McDonalds.

I almost tripped when I went inside as I was really feeling dizzy though I still tried to compose myself. I really thought that I’m gonna die or pass out. Thinking of those recent modus operandi where taxi drivers spray some drug to make their passenger passout to rob them and those people who injects something to their victim and make them passout, I was really hardly making myself calm and breathe properly.

When I was inside the restaurant, I was talking to my father who’s asking me what happened and where I was exactly. I looked outside and to my surprise, I saw the exact same guy I was sitting beside to at the jeep awhile ago. I told my father about it, but, I was hesitant at some point to let him know that it was really the same guy because he might do something once he got there. And that I might be wrong. But I really do believe that it’s him. Several minutes after, I looked again outside and he was not there. I didn’t see where he went so I still stayed inside. Then, my father came and my hands are still shaking. I really couldn’t answer him back in a normal way as well as I was stuttering and my mind is blank. I don’t know why.

Thankfully, we reached home safely and nothing happened. It was the first time I experienced such thing since the 4 years of doing that routine of going home. I’m still trying to cope up with it right now and thinking what really did happen and how the hell I suddenly felt like passing out.

Thank God, I didn’t faint. Thank God nothing happened. Thank God we’re safe. I’m safe. But please, let there not be any drug sprayed on me or injected on me.

Stay safe everyone.